How Do I Make A 3D Model Or A 1st Person Shooter

I Wanna Make A First Person Shooter Similar To Miniroyale (which is also made with playcanvas if u look in scripts) And I Had Absolutely No Luck Doing So Can Someone Help Me???

i also wanna know how to build a map understanding this site is so hard

Hi @RagDev,

So, there is no way answering that in a single post but if it’s of help to you:

  1. To make 3D models, you can use:
  1. A good first person tutorial to get you started in PlayCanvas is the following:

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uuummm the first person movement wont work i tried multiple times

and also how the frik do i even user clara io

You mean when launching the project it doesn’t work for you?

3D modelling is tough, especially in the beginning! Try doing some tutorials to learn the basics first.

whenever i test it, it shows a camera but its like i cant control it i can just see the capsule i added to the game

Post some details of your scene setup, and if possible a link of a public project that demonstrates your problem to take a look at.

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Hey @RagDev, and welcome!
A FPS is a challenging game to build, but building one can be an enriching and highly satisfactory experience. To start off, you’ll need to learn a bit more about the engine. For that, take a look at the following three tutorials - the official PlayCanvas “Keepy Up” tutorial, Daniel Wood’s “Getting Started With PlayCanvas”, and GameFromScratch’s “PlayCanvas revisited”. These will give you a very good base to start building games with PlayCanvas.

Now for the 3D modelling part of it, although is a great tool, it can sometimes be difficult to use for beginners. Therefore, I would suggest using SketchUp(we’re a studio and we still use it!), which is a great tool to learn and use both now and later on. You can use this tutorial to get started(part one linked, you can access the subsequent parts from the “playing next” section in YT).

I really hopes this helps you, and good luck on your game!