How do I implement a jump mechanic? HELP


So I am trying to implement a jump mechanic in my code.I’m trying to create a first person game but to be honest I suck at coding. I managed to find and figure out how the first person controls work but I have a problem with implementing the jump mechanic

I did the following:

if (app.keyboard.isPressed(pc.KEY_SPACE)){



but if I keep mashing space I just fly off. IDK how to make sure I can only jump while in contact with another surface or at least how to time out the jump button
NOTE: my floor is constanly moving upwards so I presume an “on colission” trigger would be my best choice

I added a non collision trigger but it’s still not working

this.entity.collision.on(‘jumpstart’, this.onJumpStart, this);

onJumpStart = function (result) {

if (result.other.rigidbody) {
    if( === "Fallblock"){
     if (app.keyboard.isPressed(pc.KEY_SPACE)){



I figured it out thanks to this guys project


Make sure ur gravity is turned up and ur Dynamic body is 100


Thats good now link the rigidbody only able to jump when it is in contact with the ground


I tried doing that in several ways but my floor is moving upwards since I’m trying to build a kind of a 3d platform arcade game… I tried comparing the Y positions but it doesn’t seem to work … I presume I’d need an on colission trigger to make it work, but IDK exactly how to make one


This project is very useful, but the jump is not ideal. A double jump is possible, and if you are standing on the edge of a cliff, for example, then the raycast will not detect the surface and the jump will not work. In my project, I used a combination of a raycast check and a collision contact.


thanks for the suggestion, I may look into it