How do I create information hotspots that open within the project?

Hello, I am very much a beginner with PlayCanvas but have managed to sort out my models and add in a UI. I am now stuck with creating a hotspot that you can click and some text + image information appears.

Could anyone point me in the right direction on how to create this?

Hi @Maxl and welcome!

Maybe the example project below can help you.

I have had a look at this however I need an information hotspot to appear as a pop up after clicking a button. From what I can tell this example is just a circle that pans to the camera and has a clicking effect on it.

Alright, please see my reply below.

To be honest Iā€™m not sure at what point you get stuck. If you are wondering how to create a button, the page below may be helpful.

Ideally, I would like to re-create this information pop up screen which appears on the right after clicking on a hotspot but I only currently can make an image or webpage appear in another tab and not withing PlayCanvas

Showing some UI with information is basically just enabling an entity in your scene with all components. The pages I shared shows you how to detect a click on the hotspot so you can enable an entity like that.

Can you share the editor link of your project so I can see your result so far?

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