How do I create avatar customisation?

One of my requirements is to create an avatar studio where I can change clothes (top, pants, shows etc.) of a character.

After customisation the character should able to do predefined animation (walk, run from the start).

One obvious way is to load all assets on the character, then only show one asset at a time (via coding) but I am not sure That the animation will be smooth considering file size.

Is this possible in playcanvas? Can anybody please give any help, tip or pointer.

PS. Is exported animation from biped (3dsmax) supported in playcanvas or I have to create a custom bone system?


Is this what are you looking for?

I have tried following the thread; not working for me.
I am using 3ds max biped system for animation.
Is scripts/procedure in the thread is compatible for biped or custom bone-based rig?