How do I create a start screen?

I want to create a start screen where I can change the scene with a button.

If you only want a screen with a play button and you don’t need to change scenes, you can easily achieve this with a (full screen) image element and a button to disable that element.

If you also need to switch scenes I think the ‘scene manager’ that is built by @eproasim can help.


i want the button to switch screens
we want this:

and this:


If you already have the screens, you can use the same way as how you switch between the weapons in your game.

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but its when i click the button?

If you create te screens (with button if you can), and you tell me when you want to enable and disable the screens, I can make te button works for you. You need to add me to your project again.

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i want the button ( when pressed ) switch to the game screen.
and i will fix some variables to work on other screens.

If you want to make a different start scene and switch to the game scene when you click a button, I suggest to use the ‘scene manager’ example that I sent you earlier in this topic.