How do I create a Group in the Forum

Hello All,

I am a teacher teaching a Game Design class remotely. I am wondering if there is a way I can get all of my students into a group in the forum. I see there is a “Groups I Own” option but how to I create a group to own?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @Carlos_Rios, I’m afraid users can’t create their own groups. Your best alternative is to use something like Discord, Slack or create a DM with your class users in there if you wish to talk to each other privately.

@yaustar Apologies, but that is not entirely accurate. ‘Basic’ forum users can create PM groups and add in a selective users:

As you may see in the screenshot, I also state that group PMs are also not very private.
Ergo I concur on your suggestions for others to use alternative chat platforms.

Mentioned it in a my previous reply

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Ah my apologies again then… The general term from others to refer to DM is for Discord, while forum usage is called PMs… You were using them interchangeably; which I didn’t catch. Thanks for clearing up my mistake.