How do I clear the gpu memory occupied by the engine

I have two playcanvas projects, and I need to switch projects to display. When switching to one of them, I need to destroy the other one. Use the following even a destruction mode, but did not release the gpu memory, repeated switching will accumulate memory, too many times will occupy the memory, I would like to ask what way can be used to clean the engine station memory.

Mode One:
I learned that unlod works, so I wrote down the code => asset.type).forEach(ast => {



Mode two:

I used to destroy the engine.

app.destroy also unloads all the assets

How are you measuring and do you have a reproducible project on GitHub or similar to investigate?

I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to work recently due to some family issues. For confidentiality reasons, I cannot disclose the source code, but I have created a demo of my project and uploaded it to GitHub, which you can view at GitHub - sunday20120713/ClearMemoryGPU: issue Memory clearing GPU.

To monitor memory usage, I used the browser’s built-in task manager. Below are screenshots of the initial state and after switching tasks 10 times.

The following is an effort to reply to your question. Could you please let me know if I can help you locate the issue?

Can you give explicit step by step instructions reproducing the issue please?