How do I change scene with collision

As in, when you touch it you get sent to another scene. If someone could sent me a project I could fork that has it that would be nice. TBH thats pretty much the only way I ever get things to work.

Check this tutorial on collisions and triggers, to learn how to execute code on collision:

And this simple tutorial on how to change scenes:

great. I tried to add it in and my entire collectible script doesnt work anymore. I CANT DO THE SCRIPTS!!! I need to be able to take it from somewhere else because I CANNOT add it in myself.

Well, it’s unavoidable to teach yourself coding. Copy/pasting would rarely work without you having to adapt the code to your project.

Maybe one day, AI and machine learning would be a able to lend a hand on this. But that’s not today.

im sorry. Maybe I was too mean. I wasnt trying to be. at least you tried. Usually people call me a freak because im schizophrenic, but you were actually nice. now i feel bad. its not your fault. I am a horrible person.

I don’t believe that you “cannot” do it. But I do understand if the frustration of learning to code in PlayCanvas is just is more than you are willing to put up with. While there are many useful example scripts and a few tutorials. There are just about no tutorials that step a person through virtually every step while describing what each of those steps does and why it is needed - as if that person knows pretty much nothing about coding. That kind of “walk you by the hand” tutorial is sorely missing and is what complete newbies really need.

I’m glad I don’t remember being a small child when I was learning how to talk. I bet the experience was super-frustrating and hard at times. I do vaguely remember the frustration of not knowing how to read and trying to figure it out on my own … and failing. But first grade solved that problem by starting us newbies out with the alphabet. And PlayCanvas would be much easier for non-programming users if we had something analogous to that.

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