How could we manage our project code through bitbucket?

Do we have any tutorial or resources for the same?

Hi @yash_mehrotra,

Your best bet is to use the playcanvas-sync utility to sync your codebase with your local IDE and manage your versioning from there:

Is this utility available for both windows & mac?

Yes, it works on both environments.


Hey I am following the readme section from the link you shared. I have installed nvm on my system. Is it possible for you to make a video tutorial for the same? It would be really helpful.

FYI, going through this path means that you will have to keep two version control systems in sync (code for BitBucket and PlayCanvas)

Is there a reason for using BitBucket? Perhaps there’s an alternative workflow possible?

Our company usually maintain projects in bitbucket repository. Hence I am asked to do the same while working on a new project.

But do they have to be there day to day? Could you use BitBucket for nightly dumps of the project for example?

I strongly suggest against using an external source control repo because it is not trivial to keep two version control systems in sync and can lead to issues.

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Could you please suggest an efficient way to manage the code for a play canvas project?

Are you currently using PlayCanvas’ built in version control? Version Control | Learn PlayCanvas

If not, that’s what I would recommend using as it’s custom built for PlayCanvas and it’s data formats.

I would also recommend making offline snapshots of both the archive and the published build on a regular basis using the REST API (REST API | Learn PlayCanvas) and a CI job.

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