How could we access data from following json response?

“leagueName”: “Premier League”,
“startTime”: “1685286000000”,
“venueName”: “Emirates Stadium”,
“venueCity”: “London”
“leagueName”: “Premier League”,
“startTime”: “1685286000000”,
“venueName”: “Villa Park”,
“venueCity”: “Birmingham”

Is this the correct way?

[‘response’][0]. venueName

Hi @yash_mehrotra,

Let’s say your object holding the parsed JSON is called data, then it would be something like this:

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@Leonidas like this?

pc.http.get(“https://some-link”, function (err, data) {

You would probably want to parse your data first and store it using the code below.

var data=JSON.parse(data)

you could also use XMLHttpRequest()