How can I use GLB files correctly?

Hi, I’m trying to reduce the size of an FBX by converting it to GLB. Do you know any tools that are useful?.. I understand that when importing an FBX the editor gives you the option to convert it to GLB but I still do not understand how I can use that container if i can use it. Thanks

Hi @Naicko
I was doing the same work just weeks ago. Here’s some advice for you.
When you want to render the mesh in a GLB container, you need to create render assets in your script, and enable them on the render components of the entities.
If you are trying to convert FBX files to GLBs, you can use three.js(which I use now) or simply use the Windows 3D Model Viewer. Windows 3D Model Viewer is user friendly but three.js needs coding.
If you want to reduce the size of your playcanvas project (with the playcanvas web editor), here’s a easy way. You can just import your FBX files when the option to convert it to GLB is on. Then delete the FBX model asset, your project will work as normal.

This covers importing a fbx model and getting it in your scene Importing your first Model and Animation | Learn PlayCanvas