How can ı use admob

I searched but could not find it.
Can I make in-game ads after compiling my game for android and ios? How do i use admob?

Admob should have a JS library SDK that can be integrated.

Not sure if it still works in a iOS/Android wrapper or if you need to use a native admob plugin for the wrapper.

A quick Google shows that they don’t have a HTML5 SDK so you can only use Admob as part of a native HTML 5 wrapper like Cordova.

I used Capacitor (successor of Cordova) plugin for AdMob with PlayCanvas - worked fine for me:

It didn’t work originally, since it had no support for AndroidX at the time, so I had to migrate it first. You can find relevant info here:

I think the recent version supports AndroidX out of the box, though. Not sure. Haven’t used it in a while.