How can I move textures on the UV map for car customization?

I am looking to create a car customization experience for users.
I am trying to figure the following -

  1. How can I place a texture on a material and not have it wrap fully on the UV, but only act as a sticker.
  2. After which I want to give the user controls to then move the sticker on the car so that the sticker wraps around the shape of the car.

This video taken in a 3D software, shows exactly what I am looking to do.
Example video mp4

I have no idea where to start to figure out how achieve something like this, please help.


Hi @Nishant_Fernandez,

You can use the material offset property, to position the texture, than can be set per map as well. I think if you set your texture UV address to Clamp you will be able to control the coordinates of a unique instance of that map.

There is also work done currently in the engine to support details maps, that will suit nicely what you are trying to do here:

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Hey @Leonidas,

Thanks so much, this is exactly what I was looking for. Is this detail maps feature currently implemented, if yes how can I access it in my editor, as I cannot see the Add details layer option in my editor.

I did notice that this is still being worked on as of 2 days ago, so if it is yet to be implemented, please do let me know once it is done and I can use it in my project.


Hi @Nishant_Fernandez,

So Detail Maps are currently a pull request (proposed change) for the engine. Usually the process is: it will polished and reviewed to be accepted and added to the engine.

As soon as the engine (API) supports details maps, editor integration will be developed. It going to take a while but given the rapid dev the Playcanvas team is doing lately, it may not take long.