How can i make the scene dark

Hi guys im new on this engine, and im asking how can i make the scene dark i mean you cant see anything if you dont use a flashlight or is some light near.
i summary i try to get this:
See how the scene is dark and you can see nothing if your flashlight is not turn on.
Heres is the editor of the game i try get:
Thank you for your attention.

Hi @Jorge_Cantero,

You can darken your scene general lighting by playing with the following settings:


  • First of all disable any light entities in your Hierarchy.

  • Reduce the ambient color to close to black, or if you are using a Skybox reduce its intensity. Then start playing with the scene Exposure setting.

  • When it’s dark enough, go back to your hierarchy and add a point or spot light, this will light only a portion of your scene. That way you can build the flashlight lighting effect you are looking for.

thank you very much i got it

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Thanks - that helped.

I can’t find the “Rendering” chunk.

That is in the Settings.