How can I make something only be able to rotate on one axis?

I am making a multiplayer game so I don’t have to make enemy ai, but that means I have to make the player look nice from the third person, and I want parts like the torso and legs to only to rotate horizontally with the first-person character. any help will be appreciated.

If you have rigidbody component. Then just change the angular factor to 0 of those axies that dont need rotation.

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thanks! i will try it out.

because it is atattched to the first person camera, it failed to only rotate on one axis. and so i atattched it to the character controller, and it didn’t rotate at all.

Can you paste an example.
Or show a demo.

I can not understand what you are trying to say.

the cone labeled torso seen there was used as a test so i could see how the rotation worked, how it was supposed to work was if the test was successful, you can see the cone when you look doen, and it would rotate left and right in sync with the player, which failed.

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