How can I make joystick?

In my game I need to make joystick that work in pc but I don’t know how can I make it?


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See: Touch screen joystick

hi thanks but
your link is expired

I couldn’t use nipple js

also I saw this but it just work in android it not work in PC

Try my link again. I forgot it was a private project.

Yep, because it only shows the joysticks if there is a touch screen device. Easy enough to change.

I couldn’t change it can you help me?
you’re my only hope in the world

finally I wrote my joystick

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Hi sir, can you show me how to custom the joystick?

Hello @Toan_Nguyen_Xuan! You can click on the project link above to see how it is done.

Hi @Toan_Nguyen_Xuan,

Also check out this thread. It might be helpful: