How can I make a model show up the same on all screens?

Until screen space for models is implemented(if ever), how can I make a 3d model look the same on the screen of different devices? You know, just like UI images scale according to the screen size. I managed to add a model to a 2D screen following this post, but the problem is that the model doesn’t look the same across different screen resolutions like it happens with UI images. Don’t know how else to explain.

maybe some screenshots would help?

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No but…when you have an image and switch from portrait to landscape, it looks the same. But the 3d model looks smaller when you switch to landscape. Probably because in landscape the camera view is wider or something…right now I just scale up the model in landscape to compensate.

It shouldn’t change size if the render target stays the same size. If you can repro it in a public project, someone from the community can take a look