How can I improve performance of 3d model

the 3d model has 190 MB and my question is how to make model less laggy in editor
I read there is LOD technique and also tried batching, so what are the ways to improve performance?
To reduce size of the model is not easy because the buildings are grouped together and I cannot access only one building

Hi @grzesiekmq,

So this is a single entity/model in editor?

If that’s the case then to get the editor laggy it must be one or both of the following happening:

  • big polycount
  • large number of meshInstances/material slots used by this model

If that’s the case then you can’t easily do many things from the Playcanvas side.

You will have to somehow optimize the model, try to split it up (I can understand this not being easy), reduce the number of polygons, merge/group material slots.

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Loading the model at runtime?
I think this should be the solution what do you think about it?

That may be a good start, to get the editor unblocked.

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