How can i get vertexBuffer from transformed entity(Box) or how i get refreshed vertexBuffer data after the entity transformed?

In first picture the Cube stay in default position(no transform) .
In second picture i move the cube in this case vertex position in vertexBuffer data still same as first picture.
How can i refresh the vertexBuffer data wen object transformed?

So you want to apply the mesh’s transform to its vertices and reset the transform to identity?

This engine example shows how to update the positions in a mesh.

In your case, you would just multiply each vertex by the world transformation matrix of the mesh instance.

Just curious, but why do you want to do this?

Thanks,i seen this example but it was complicate to understand for me.Why i want this ? I want use vertexes from entity(mesh object) to instancing another entity.Like in this topic Access to vertices of a mesh? - #6 by nandomx