How can I get the CameraDepthTexture

I wrote a shader to print depthTexture on Quad using uniform sampler2D uDepthMap;

But it prints nothing.

When I add these extra codes in the initialization part.;

    var depthLayer =;

it prints pure white texture.

Here is the link of my editor:

Below, I took a screenshot from Unity3D. I achieved to print cameraDepthTexture on a quad
by using UNITY_DECLARE_DEPTH_TEXTURE(_CameraDepthTexture); helper function.

Hi @fkavum and welcome,

If that’s meant for a post process effect, then you can extend the pc.PostEffect class and request depth map access using:

this.needsDepthBuffer = true;

Check the following example:


this example does debug rendering of the depth as well if that’s what you’re after


@Leonidas, @mvaligursky Thanks for the quick reply! Its really helped a lot.

I finally managed to make it without using any postProcessing effect.
For anyone struggling with this situation, can fork my project (its really messy).

I made it by the help of this and the other two posts:

I haven’t tried it on WebGL 1 yet, fingers crossed.

And here is the result:


Nice! Thanks for sharing this info @fkavum.

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