How can I find people to make a game with?

How would I go about getting people to help me with a game? specifically coders that know javascript.

Hi @Dylan_McDorman,

Well, much like in most situations, if this isn’t a paid job, then you should get in their shoes and ask yourself: why should I get involved in that?

Is the project exciting?
Does it have a high chance of success?
Is the story cool?
Who is the founder?

And try to work your way in getting people excited to get involved in your project.

Ok thank you very much.

very smart

thegab can you get on warfare

im making a fighting game i just cant make a darn person that i want it is not working with me plz help i will accept anyone

What about helping with an fps?

if you can code i can bring you in

i stink at coding im an artist not a coder or an animator