How can I export a material from one project to another?



I have a material in one project and I would like to take it to the other project.

How can this be done?



Hi, I can answer myself I think, its not possible yet to export the JSON file from one project to another as I read in another forum post.


By uploading JSON, right now there is no auto-detection of what content it has. We perhaps could validate internal data of it to identify if it is a valid runtime format such as: animation, material, model, etc. And would be able to mark it as such on import.

This perhaps worth a feature request.


It would be very useful if it could allow for upload, although that has side-effects. One side effect would be people might make exporters to your format or share content across projects.


You want to say that in the playcanvas there is no option to normal load the saved material for transferring from one project to another ?? O_o
This is terrible.