How can I achieve something like this in PlayCanvas?

This is an example of Three.js ‘galaxy’

Well, the first idea was to use planes as these ‘dots’ in galaxy (as it has lowest triangles count) but still, if I were to use like 40,000 points…

I only need these two functions out of this:

  • Make these clickable (pickalble)
  • Max 5 colors needed across all different points

Any ideas?

You can achieve it with transform feedback. Example:

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Wow, it looks amazing. But how should I pick a particle, or on this case it would be considered as picking a “vertex” ? Next question is how shall i assing some data/text propery to it, since each particle is not a new entity.

There is also this one where the simulation is done on the CPU and not the GPU, which might be easier to understand and modify: PlayCanvas Examples