How can I access iframe src from HTML script

Hi, I want to change the iframe source link dynamically from ui.js

//-------call this function from entry.js


//and place the link in an iframe attribute---------

It shows me null in console. need help

Hi @HasnainX,

How and where are you calling your open_in_iframe() method?

To update the iframe src you don’t need style in your member selection, do this instead:

document.getElementById('minigame').src = minilink;

Thanks for your reply I’m calling in my entry.js script where a random button has been generated. I have tried this method but didn’t work


it shows me null in the console again


That’s the browser complaining that there is no element found with minigame as ID. Are you sure that one exists?

Hey @HasnainX,

It looks like the iframe isn’t in the DOM if the browser is showing that error…How are you adding the HTML?

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Its working thanks

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