How best to handle preloader errors?

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Wondering how people generally handle errors during preloader? E.g. an asset not loading halts the preloader due to connectivity errors when playing on 3G/4G.

Have looked through the PC preloader source and can’t see any events for errors - happy to add a Pull Request for the future, but wondered if there was an elegant way of handling preloader error/freezes as it stands?

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I did notice this recently. The code in onAssetLoad and onAssetError is the same,. I wonder if the error event is not fired?

We do have a ‘retry’ mechanism where if an error occurs, it attempts to retry:

However, that depends on an error being thrown. The engine doesn’t yet handle timeouts or connections that are active but no actual network transfer is taking place.

There’s a feature request for this here: It’s tricky as not all asset loads are via XHR (eg images for textures)

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