Hosting to domain

Hi, i recently bought a domain that is hosted by their server, and i have downloaded my PlayCanvas build.
But im not too sure how i should be uploading the PlayCanvas application/build to my website?

Hi @bestdenki7,

If you’ve only bought a domain you need also a hosting package. If you have that already then most likely you got also a control panel where you can upload files.

There you can upload the build archive and then uncompress it. That’s it you can now access that build using your domain name and the relevant path, if you’ve uploaded it to a subfolder.

that was really well stated. thank you! i’ll check it out!

Right, so a domain name is like a license plate on your car. On its own it is not useful, you also need a car (server), as Leonidas suggested.


hi, if i can ask again, is there a way to remove the playCanvas loading screen?

Yes, you can completely remove our branding on the loading and replace it with your own logic.