Horrible framerates after first load

I get a wonderful 59/60 fps when I first load my game for the first time. Even my complex effects (lightning, fireballs) work at around 54-60 fps. However, once I refresh the game a few times, especially after code changes, I get stuck to around 34-42 fps. This happens every time. I have to restart Chrome to fix this.

Are there any ideas, or is this just a known thing?

Yes the memory get filled if you refresh the game page, i use advanced system care that has a function to clear memory (not the best but allow me to clear it a bit) or you have to close the browser and restart it like you did. Don’t know if there are other soultions

Hmm, what do you mean “the memory get filled”? I tried a manual garbage collect and it did nothing. I also have 10gb of ram and I feel like that should never be an issue. It seems more like a CPU/GPU thing to me.

Well my ram is not up to you 10gb :slight_smile: and the memory monitor show me that’s my problem, though i don’t know about processor issues also if what you are saying can make sense i have no data on that, maybe the developing team can dig into that.

Is your CPU or GPU thermal throttling? This is more likely if you are on a laptop as you are potentially pushing the CPU quite hard and it has to thermal throttle to keep the CPU temps below a threshold.

I’m on a gaming PC so there’s no issue with that.

Like I said, this only happens after refreshing. I usually develop for ~30 minutes before I have to close Chrome. I always have the Editor, Code Edtior, and the Game itself running. Sometimes just closing the Code editor fixes the framerate problems on the running game - but the Code Editor also becomes very laggy, indicating its Chrome itself that is lagging.

It’s not a huge deal… I’m happy that it doesn’t occur on first load - but just wanted to let you all know.

Well i have an issue on chrome too, the editor area with the visual scene flickers and in firefox it doesn’t and it wasn’t like this some time ago, maybe is due to the new update?