HoloLens 2 and PlayCanvas

I just got a HoloLens 2 and was wondering if there is a way to develop content for it using Playcanvas.

Hi @henkdawson,

I haven’t a hololens to try it, but from what I read Mozilla released its Firefox Reality browser to the Hololens marketplace, which seems to support WebGL. Try running some Playcanvas example projects to see how it plays.

The firefox HoloLens demos are promising.

I tried loading an AR Playcanvas project from a HoloLens and it did not work.

I’m wondering with the new UI controls and the hand detection capabilities if HoloLens compatibility is on the horizon. - It would be truly amazing. If so, I’d be first in line to beta test.

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Hmm … Difficult to do without a Hololens :sweat_smile: In all seriousness, the team doesn’t have access to Hololens so if you know of any way to emulate this, that would be great!

Do you if using the emulator would work? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/develop/platform-capabilities-and-apis/using-the-hololens-emulator

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Can you provide more details on what doesn’t work?
And if you could remote debug it, to see if there are console errors.

I unfortunately don’t have HoloLens device, am happy to assist though.

Hi, I am testing AR on HoloLens2 and when I press the AR button it keeps loading without stopping, I have not found other discussions on HoloLens, any updates?

I’m afraid we don’t have access to a Hololens to look into a platform specific issue :frowning:

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Hi Jocarfl, I have a HoloLens2 and would like very much to be able to develop with PlayCanvas but have had no luck. I’m an artist, not a developer so there were very few things I could try before I realized that It was not going to work for me. Also, I’m on a mac which leaves very few options for content creation on the HoloLens. That being said, I’m still interested in what the HoloLens could do and would be very interested in what part PlayCanvas could play. Henk - d3d.com

Hi Henk,I have been investigating which engine is the best to develop webxr in HoloLens and mobile, I have tried unity with the help of 2 libraries to export to webGL, Babylon, A-frame and Playcanvas. I really like PlayCanvas and the performance it has. For HoloLens Unity has full compatibility but its performance is very low and in Playcanvas also works HoloLens in VR but in AR I have had no luck … So we will have to develop AR for HoloLens in another engine like Babylon A-frame or three.js. (at the moment)

Hey Jocarfl, If you need anyone to test your HoloLens projects, I’d be interested. For VR, playcanvas works great - I’ve been able to get it into the Oculus 2.