Hierarchy and Rotations Issues

Why is it when i create some objects (planes) in the root with various rotations… a beautifully balanced house of cards for example…

… then create an entity at 0,0,0 with rotations 0,0,0. (This will be the parent of all the cards).

… then parent my planes to this object by dragging them into it…

…that all the rotations on the planes visually change to something completely random (They actually change physical rotation). This is crazy behaviour.

As if this isn’t bad enough, when you hit undo, they don’t revert back to their original rotations, they change to something else!! The house of cards has to be rebuilt from scratch! Madness!

As if this isnt crazy enough, in the editor I have previously had to program reparenting with rotations and the like and it is a complete nightmare in Playcanvas. Why aren’t rotations and hierarchies handled like every other game engine?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Is the object you parent this hierarchy using scale? It seems maybe there is a problem with this that I can see. But cannot repro without a scale.

It seems both uniform and non-uniform scale is causing this problem.

Here is a video

The parent has not been scaled but the planes are scaled.

Also, the issue with undo isnt on the video but that makes things even worse.

That’s odd, that shouldn’t happen.

If you re-parent one object at a time, does the issue still happen? Off hand, it looks like all three objects are taking on a rotation of one of the selected

Also, side tip. If you hold down Cmd on Mac or Ctrl on Windows when dragging, it retains it’s global position and rotation: https://developer.playcanvas.com/user-manual/editor/hierarchy/#organizing-the-hierarchy

I can’t replicate the bug myself though

Can you share your project to try to repro with that please?