Hiding elements of a model

My player can get certain powerups. One of the power ups is shoes (for the most part the player is bare foot). What is the best way to add and remove (when the power up is over) the shoes to the player character? Can model elements be targeted and hidden? Obviously, I want the walking/running animation to work when the player has the shoes on (and off). Would I create the player model with the shoes on, or would they be a separate model I add to the player in Playcanvas.


Hi @Ross_Lehr! It depends on the model. Can you share a project with the model so I can take a look?

-You can have x amount of models attached to your rig
-In order to be a sync, first animate the base model, then try to sync other parts
-Store all parts as entity attributes, therefor you can enable/disable them when you need

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Is this what you mean?

In short, you are a human running around a maze. Most of the time, without shoes. You can find shoes to wear, and you can run faster.

When you click the link, you’ll see a top-down version of the prototype. Click “Toggle Cam” in the upper left corner, and you’ll see the 3rd person cam. Refresh the browser, and it will generate a new map. Use WSAD to move the player.


If you already have a model with shoes, I like to get a link of the editor. If you don’t have a model with shoes, you can create shoe entities and add them to the correct bone entities of your model. Then you can enable them when you need them.