Hi! Somewhat of a newbie to playcanvas but have made games

Looking on some help / examples of tiling materials.

I’m building (lol so original) a card game and I don’t want to do what I’ve seen in other examples where they glue two boxes together and give each one a material – but rather have a front and back tile.

If this isn’t possible please hollar at this thread. If it is, joy is me (because less texture files means faster load less vram!)


Well, presumably the backs of the cards will be the same material across all cards. And the front materials for all the cards will all be unique.

I, personally, would indeed create 2 plane primitives, back to back, which have a different material on each side. In fact, I’d probably use Blender/Max/Maya to make a decent playing card mesh (with rounded corners) and use that instead. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty easy to find the necessary texture data online as open sourced art:

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