Hi my game is running poorly and i wanted to know if anyone could help me identify the issue

this is the link please help me?

@broken_lund Is this project publicly shared? Also, here is a debug capture.

I think I see in the debugger that you have a script named script. Also, it looks like you have multiple files named this. So smoothmove and supersmoothmove have the same in the top declaration.

var Script = pc.createScript(‘script’);

var Script = pc.createScript(‘script’);

ok the glitching isnt as bad but it is still there

is it mabye because i have my rigid body set to dynamic?

@broken_lund I had another look at your latest and see you have corrected some things. All of the scripts have little to nothing inside of them. Have you followed these examples from the tutorials or how are you learning PC?


Are you starting a new project with this?

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i started with the second one because thats what my teacher wants me to use

@broken_lund OK That’s great. I think that you will have to add a bit of code to this to understand how the Playcanvas environment works. Maybe watching the video will help. Otherwise feel free to post your questions to this forum. There are a lot of experienced users that should be able to help.