Hey i made my own game with help from the first person test

hey i finish my mario game in first person and if you wanna check it out here it is https://playcanv.as/b/biR3wGBD/

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Hello @Lucious_Jansma

Can you please put it on showcase not general?

Ah that Super Mario 64 level brings up memories :rocket:


Because sadly, I do not have the power vested in me :frowning:


Yep, but I would like to see more!

hey this is my video of gameplay it will have a facecam and audio of my gameplay and voice if that is fine

@Lucious_Jansma, avoid opening new topics about the same thing!

@Lucious_Jansma No links to illegal content please. Deleted post that links to a Super Mario 64 game in browser

ok i hope its safe to post my own voice is it yaustar


Videos of your game etc, is fine

here is a link to my mario game and i wanna hear what yall think

sorry i had to fix somthing

@Lucious_Jansma As this post was about this game, please keep them together in a single thread.

oh and hurt my feeling if ya want t i can take a hit

do you wanna rate my beta game