Help with understanding selection highlights in project hierarchy


I’ve noticed lately that the project hierarchy seems to be highlighting things different. Maybe it’s always been this way and I never noticed.

In this first image I have selected the Templates object and it’s background is highlighted and the icon turned white. Makes total sense to me.

In this second image I’ve selected Button. Only the icon turned white. The background of this item, along with a number of others is slightly darker than the default colour.

Is this a bug, or is it a feature that I’m not aware of? Personally I’d like to see every item I select get the darker background so it’s obvious what I’ve selected.

Can anyone clarify what’s going on? Thanks!

Looks like a bug to me. I thought it was in the Editor issue tracker already but isn’t :sweat_smile:

I was thinking it was a bug, but just wanted to be sure :smiley: I’ll log a bug report for it later today.

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Bug report created:

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