Help with making a third person game

I’m new to the gaming industry and I have no idea what I’m doing. My goal is to create a third person shooter. If someone can help me please respond.

Hi @Random_Content and welcome!

You can start by studying the Playcanvas manual and taking a look at the tutorial projects:

I am not sure if there is a shooter example project or something similar, but take a look at these two public projects for a third person camera controller:

Heya @Random_Content,

I can understand your pain in trying to find a starting point. How about watching someone create a 3rd person game? This greatly helps understanding basic steps and how these steps work together to build the game.

Playcanvas and Unity3d are very similar. Here is a 46 episode serie about how to go at creating yourself a 3rd person shooter!
Creating a 3rd Person Shooter 46 episodes

Even if you can’t directly use the code in playcanvas, the video will give you a good concept of how to build something similar in playcanvas.

Good luck!