HELP! Texture Compression | ETC2


Dear Community,

we got some problems with texture compression. After checking all texture compression checkboxes, the compression process starts and keeps loading for almost 2 days and nights. I mean we have quite a lot of textures, but they are not that big, so almost 1k and 2k. On some textures the Vram is already calculated but the loadingbar is still working and constantly processing. Lets say it’s loading forever and not finishing properly.

Are the Textures loading all together or one by one?
If Vram is calculated the process should be done, so did it crashed?

We did some projects last year and texture compression works perfectly. So what happend?


We’re seeing the same issue across the board right now, mainly PVR encoding not working


hey mike,

we only could fix this issue by deleting the texture file and upload it again, so the compression stopped somehow… not a real fix but helped anyways.



We tried that to, submitted a bug report when it didn’t work, it was all textures for us unfortunately