Help placing objects in reticle position?

I have a tool that allows players to place new entities (in this case blocks) around in the world via raycasting. I would like the blocks to place where the reticle is in world space. Here’s what’s happening visually:

Imgur Video pc Demo


Tool.js - doRaycast() is called from left mouse button click to place item

Tool.prototype.doRaycast = function (screenX, screenY) {
    var sceneGlobal ='SceneGlobal');
    var cameraEntity = this.entity.parent.parent.findByName('Camera Axis').findByName('Camera');
    var cameraEntityPos = cameraEntity.getPosition();

    var buildRayPos = this.entity.getPosition();
    var reticle = sceneGlobal.findByName('UserInterface').findByName('Reticle').getPosition();
    var reticleToWorldPOs =, reticle.y,;
    // The pc.Vec3 to raycast from (the position of the camera)
    var from = cameraEntity.getPosition();
    var fromReticle = reticleToWorldPOs;

    // The pc.Vec3 to raycast to (the click position projected onto the camera's far clip plane)
    //var to =, screenY,;
    var to =, screenY,;
    var toReticle =, screenY,;

    // Raycast between the two points and return the closest hit result
    var result =, to);

    // If there was a hit, store the entity
    if (result && !== 'Terrain') {
        var hitEntity = result.entity;
        console.log('You selected ' +;
    } else {        
        var playerPos = this.entity.parent.parent.getPosition();
        var toolbox = this.entity.parent.findByName('Toolbox');
        var placeCube = toolbox.findByName('PlantCube').clone();
        var distLimiter = 50;
        var posX = to.x/distLimiter/4 + from.x;
        //var posX = to.x/distLimiter + playerPos.x;        
        var posY = to.y/distLimiter/2 + from.y;
        var posZ = to.z/distLimiter/2 + from.z;
        var placementPos = new pc.Vec3(posX, posY, posZ);
        console.log('Place item:', placementPos);
        placeCube.enabled = true;
       'placeNewEntity', placeCube);

I’m sure there is a more effective way of placing the blocks but I couldn’t find any good article-based sources which excluded voxels.

I have a reticle to show where a new entity should be placed, I’m sure this has something to do with my way of calculating the placement position as I’m experimenting.

Thanks, any suggestions?

Hi @khaelou,

If you mean placing the blocks using a grid layout, each falling perfectly on its respected cell, you can do something like this:

var cellSize = new pc.Vec3(2,2,2);
var worldPos = result.point;

var gridPos = new pc.Vec3();
gridPos.x = Math.floor(worldPos.x / cellSize.x) * cellSize.x;
gridPos.y = Math.floor(worldPos.y / cellSize.y) * cellSize.y;
gridPos.z = Math.floor(worldPos.z / cellSize.z) * cellSize.z;
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Hi @Leonidas,

Hmm, so is result.point in my case equal to result?

I’ll give this a try and pass the grid values over as where the object should be placed.

It just seems like a more minimal approach. So I don’t have to include the reticle or camera position at all to place it in the center?

That’s example code for a world position turned to a grid position, sorry I am not sure how to match all of your variables.

It will take for example a world pos like this:

10.5, 2.5, 4.3

And convert it to a grid pos, based on the cell size:

10, 2, 4

It depends on how you find each time the selected position in front of the camera. You may have have to offset/adjust the raycast position before finding the final grid pos.


This seems like a more logical way considering how I currently have things implemented.

The grid implementation seems more restricted or closer related to voxel placement, I guess it all depends on what I want the tool to do in the end.

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Took some further tinkering with existing position values but got items to place more precisely :nerd_face:

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