Help on an island viewer

Like i want to view the island via mouse/mobile touch…
But there have only been tutorials on the basic camera rotation and panning, but what i want to achieve is to click & drag to pull the distance, like only moving on the X/Z-axis to view the island as if you’re flying through. without the camera going under.

right now its done where it either drags the camera / island around but not moving to that area…
Also, how do i actually set the camera position? i tried referencing camera, and setLocalPosition() to a fixed loc but it doesnt change

Thanks for feedbacks.

Hi @bestdenki7,

You can do that in many ways, I was thinking you can potentially use the common orbit-camera.js script.

And put the same angle on pitch min and max, to disable up/down movement. And take a look at the panning methods move on the and plane above your island.

i think it has something to do with the mouse input drag. because right now upon right click it drags the entire model in the scene rather than actually panning through only on the X/Z-axis. it potentially drag the model closer to the camera regardless of the pitch angle if you get what i mean

something similiar to :,-5.775294,42.132390,fix,823.98,29.67,-2.60,0.00,70140.04,45.00

but is it possible to do it with a flat model?