Help needed for an interactive realestate walkthrough


We are looking for a developer who can help us with a project.

We are 3D designers and we can create the full 3D Real-estate scene in Playcanvas (adding the 3D models, adding the baked textures etc). Currently the user can use the arrow keys to walk around a scene and use the mouse to look around.
What we need is to also add the ability to make it interactive such as opening doors, swap out objects for other objects and in general a user interface to control it all.

We found a developer previously to make us a quick mockup/proof of concept to show we can open doors and change the colours of items etc - So I believe what we require should all be possible!

I’ll list some example tasks we will need help with below. If someone can help us with this that would be great - paid of course!

We would need:

  1. Animated doors - We will of course supply the animated objects, and add the materials. We will just need someone to script the ability for the users to actually open these elements.
  2. Change objects - As an example; all the cabinets in a kitchen may have 5 different door types and 5 different colours. So we can supply all the 3D model options, but we need someone to make this interactive and switch out the objects when needed.
  3. User interface. We will design the layout of the user interface which we need but this will be very important. Ideally it should work on Mobile and PC.
    Some user interface requirements would be for example: Icon appearing when user looks at a cabinet with text to say “open me” so they know it can that cabinet they are looking at. Or when someone clicks on a cabinet a row of additional door options are displayed in the corner which users can click to switch the cabinets.

We will of course go over this in more detail, but we just want to find a developer who we can work with who would feel comfortable with doing these tasks and we can have a proper chat to discuss :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading and i look forward to hearing some responses! :slight_smile:
Kindest regards


I got your information through play canvas forum we can do this

Please check our portfolio