Help me with my game

Hi, I want to make a slot game in Playcanvas. The game specs are given below.

  • Configurable symbols / lines / reels (from game config JSON)

  • Prizes: Payout config JSON

  • balance : connect API

  • make EVENTS function that
    A. will glow the winning line with overlay image
    B. play sound per symbol
    C. trigger animation

  • make EVENTS function for every button on screen that
    A. play sound
    B. trigger animation

  • Button to display pay table

  • Multiple auto spins option

  • Auto continuous spin option

  • Line and line bet user settings

  • Max bet setting

  • Display credits and last spin winnings

RNG API Documentation


The RNG API consists of 2 major functions:

  • READ function, results in JSON containing

  • Game symbols

  • Game lines

  • Game payouts

  • User balance

  • SPIN function, results in JSON containing

  • Spin result

  • Information about wins

  • Updated user balance

Note that balance has to be connected to the API server. So, I need help. I’m willing to pay for service. I need to make this game in one week. Please somebody help me introducing to this engine and giving some hint with the coding part. Thanks in advance.