Help in making main menu for my game?

Greetings, Can anyone create a main menu for my game project?
Main menu will be having three buttons, Play , Qr Code, and Invite :slight_smile:

If you want to make games, you will have to learn how to do it yourself.
Or create a business around it and hire people that will do it for you.

If you want get things done - you will have to learn how to do it, it is you โ€œhomeworkโ€ :slight_smile:
And remember - learning how to do it yourself - is often more important than a result of your doing.


Sir I just need a kickstart, I can do it myself, I have started the development of my game from the scratch but if someone can just make a basic main menu page for me i assure you i can find a direction. I just want a basic main menu.

Best way is not to rush, start slowly but steadily. If something you are trying to do looks too complex, then think of braking it into smaller bits, until you have idea about small parts you need to learn and implement.
Use Tutorials, User Manual and API Reference from this page:
For learning JavaScript I personally recommend Code Academy:

Experimentation is a key.

At the moment, one of the more popular methods for creating UI is to use HTML and CSS (reference to documentation)

One (slightly complicated) example of using HTML for the UI can be found on this project by another member:

Another project that takes a different approach to the UI is the Flappy Bird clone:

And finally we have a tutorial page on UI for our example Keepy Up game here:

Good luck!

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Thanks I will try and come back to you guys :slight_smile:

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