Help creating a product configurator - linking HTML/CSS UI to model

I’m looking for some help on a product configurator for an architectural project. I’m a 3D visualization artist but new to javascript so I’m looking for someone to help me get started with the code. I’ve found tutorials for most of the code, but thought it might be a bit much to take all this on at once. See description below. If you interested let me know and then we can figure out the best format to move this forward and what that would cost. Thanks!

Product Features MVP:

Product UI

Small 2d icons to change from walkthrough to editing mode

Walk through mode

Similar to matterport ( or google maps functionality

Looking Around

Click and press to look around

See 360 lookaround camera | Learn PlayCanvas

Moving from one place to another

Click on a surface to move in that direction

Modify ( Highlight) script so that it works on a camera object to move user through space

Editing Mode

Locations to Edit Carousel

Brings up a carousel of numbered steps to edit

See ( "open Highlight carrot on the lower left) and (

Clicking on an step teleports you to a certain location, say the kitchen

Display Information Hotspots

Once at the location, a number of hotspots appear on items that can be customized.

Information hotspots | Learn PlayCanvas

Display Options Carousel

Once a hotspot is pressed, a carousel drops down from the top with a selection of options such as images of different material options

Changing Materials

Clicking on an image in the carousel changes the texture maps on the model

See [(

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Hey @Ben.Fortunato,

My team and I could certainly help you out with this. We’ve been designing and developing 3D experiences and games for over 4 years now with PlayCanvas, and have worked with several well known organizations and startups, such as Koji Games, and Pietree Innovations. Could you please drop us an email at, and then we could discuss further there? Alternatively, you could message me on skype (live:db7e561cc07a4f89), or even on the forums DM system - whatever works for you!

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards.