Help a college student out

we have to create a 2D game for a class but they didn’t teach us basic coding, we literally have to guess what to do :expressionless:

so I already have and arranged the assets but my problem is CODING. kindly help me in coding a very simple CATCHING game

if anyone is willing to help me with this, reply or email to


If you want to learn the basics of 2D game development with PlayCanvas, the official KeepyUp tutorial will help a lot! It goes over the basics of programming 2D games in PlayCanvas, as well as other important design and art related aspects. If possible though, I would definitely recommend learning a bit of JS before you start on that tutorial, it’ll help you grasp the programming concepts much better. Traversy Media’s JavaScript Crash Course For Beginners is a great place to start.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much!!

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