Hello! First of all my real account is not working (I had to login with my Gmail account)

Hello, it’s the 1st time I am on this forum. I’m using PlayCanvas from just a few hours, and at a first glance I’m really excited on this tool!
I’m used to work with 3sdmax, Unity, Unreal, etc, and I’m a coder too (C#, Js, C++), and I really like how you made simple such an (usually) hard task on the web.

I would have some questions:

  1. I’m actually using another account on PlayCanvas editor, but strangely this account is not recognized to login on this forum (user not found, or something like that), so to post this message I had to login with my personal Gmail account.
    Can u help me to login on this forum with my “real” PlayCanvas account?

  2. As far as I’ve understood each PlayCanvas project is totally online.
    I’m used to work with others 3d js libraries (three.js, babylon.js), and with these libraries I usually work (offline too) on my very local index.html, .js files, etc, so I can just refresh my local web server to update and debug any relationship between my 3d content and other custom scripts, or the index.html.

How can I do the same with PlayCanvas?
I will try to explain better: since my 3D should interact with other scripts that are not PlayCanvas related, each time I modify something in PlayCanvas I have to publish the project, download the .zip, decompress it, overwrite previous files, refresh the page.
Obviously this is not the best way to work.
Is it possible to keep a local sincronyzed copy of all the files (except index.html), just as I would was working offline?

Many thanks!

The PlayCanvas account and forum accounts are not linked. They are two separate accounts.

Depending on what these scripts/logic/files are, most developers upload these files to the project in PlayCanvas or reference those files which would be hosted externally.

Some people also iframe the PlayCanvas application and send messages between the parent page and iframe.

We also have a REST API so you could use a script to download a build, uncompress, make the modifications, etc

We have an example here that adds CSP rules to the index.html file https://github.com/playcanvas/playcanvas-csp

I don’t know exactly what your needs are here. You can download a build for self hosting, export the project for archive purposes, or playcanvas-sync tool that allows you to edit assets locally and be able to push/pull changes to/from the project https://github.com/playcanvas/playcanvas-sync