Having wavy patterns again on iPad


@slimbuck had helped me once to solve this problem.
But it is happening again. Suspecting it might be something to do with tween.js change?

Any help please?


Hi @lenvanthis ,

My guess is this change is likely due to Disable ImageBitmap in Safari by slimbuck · Pull Request #5235 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub.

I did a bunch of testing on various desktop and mobile devices for that PR, but not much testing on ipad.

Which ipad are you running on?

You could try setting app.graphicsDevice.supportsImageBitmap = true at startup (before images start loading) to see if that fixes your problem. If so then we need to figure out how to detect and enable ImageBitmap there.


Also, what version of iOS is installed on your iPad? Is it up to date with that latest version?

Hey, Thank you for suggesting that. but I don’t know exactly where I can put this bitmap setting.
Given my limited knowledge with playcanvas, I don’t know which one will be executed the first among many js scripts.


I just tested with iPhone which is iPhone X (iPhone 12 Pro Max)
where I have the same wavy issue.

It has up to date update iOS version 16.4.1.

Hi, Will,

I have the same issue in my iPhone which is iPhone 12 pro max with iOS 16.4.1
which is the latest. I dont think this is the iOS update issue. It looks like really the iOS browser issue.

Could you add me to the project pls?

I tried. but it says I don’t have any more seat available. So I tried to transfer it to you then it says you don’t have enough space…

What’s the URL to the project. @slimbuck can add himself.


Thanks in advance!

No, that’s the scene URL. The project URL is the one of the form:



Thanks in advance!

Will. The project I mentioned is owned by slimbuck. Can you look into that?

Any chance you can look into this? You are the owner of this project. It used to work.

Hi @lenvanthis ,

Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to look at this yet (and I also haven’t had access to an ipad), but I will soon as I can! (Hopefully in the next few days).


Sure. The problem is repeating on iPhone with the latest iOS update too, in case you want to test.

Thank you for letting me know.

any luck so far?

@slimbuck is on holidays this week, so it might need to wait a bit.
Are you able to create a ticket here Issues · playcanvas/engine · GitHub with a simple public reproducible project?

Oh, sure. No problem! Happy Memorial Weekend!

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Any luck yet? @slimbuck