Having problems with two different animations

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to use two character animations in fbx format (that get converted to glb) when imported. Models and their animations have issues. I tested the same files in Unity and they work correctly.

The animations for the Goblin are set to loop, but after the loop is finished it seems to pause for a few seconds.
The animations for the Golem don’t seem to work at all.

I created a public project here. I only imported one animation for each of the characters, but the same behavior occurs in all of the animations.

Any ideas on what may be going on?

Check out the setting in your project. Under the ‘Asset Tasks’ tab there is an option for the sampling rate of animations imported. I see that on the public project it is set to 10:


Does raising this number and then reimporting your animations make a difference?

Sorry about the delay.
I tried setting the sample rate to 30 and 120 and nothing changed.

Funny thing: I accidentally assigned the Golem’s idle animation to the Goblin and it works great (other than it looking uncomfortably stretched, of course).

So there are probably two different issues here: one related to the Goblin’s animations and a different one related to the Goblin’s model/bones.

Just to make sure. When you changed the sample rate, did you reimport the assets?


I just realized what was wrong with the Golem and now it’s working perfectly! The only problem left is the goblin’s animation loop. I’ll keep trying things.

Glad to hear it! Could you elaborate a little on what was wrong for other users that might encounter a similar issue?

You’re right! In my case, the model had multiple LOD groups. I had to manually assign the root property in each of the renderers of each LOD group.

The new problem is that even though that fixed the issue causing animations not to work at all for the golem, some animations still have the pause before the loop. It may be an issue with the animation itself, but it’s weird that it works fine in Unity.

Edit: I just imported the walking animation for the Golem to show it has the same issues.

Interesting, it looks like the FBX has a defined frame range of 160 to 208

But our animation importer probably assumed 0 to 208 which is why you get the huge pause (frames 0 to 160).

Here’s a bug report: https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/639

In the short term, can you somehow export the FBX animation without the frame offset?

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Ohhh, great catch!
I’ll try to figure out how to fix the offset.


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If you’re comfortable with using a 3D modeling application such as Blender. It’s relatively easy to manually copy/paste your keyframes (Blender animation frames) from 160-208 to say, minus 160 so it starts initially at 0. Which would be: 0-48 I believe.

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I’m many things, but I’m definitely not a person who knows how to use Blender. However, I figured this out fairly quickly and fixed my animations.

Thank you!

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