Have common font ( eg Arial ) chosen for UI Text component by default

When adding a Text component for the UI, it would be great if a font that was available on all devices ( eg Arial, or even searching for the first sans-serif one.

This would ensure that all users see some content when they are using this component, with no additional file sizes and with no additional steps.

Otherwise, they have to…

  • Find a font file
  • Upload it
  • Assign it to each Text entity
  • Have the overhead of that font in their project and published build.

For new users not seeing anything when they add a Text element, this can be confusing.
For existing developers who what to throw some quick content together, these are extra steps ( and overhead in storage ) that shouldn’t be required.

Arial used to be the default. Maybe they stopped due to a font licensing issue?

That’s interesting that there used to be a default - would be great to get the feature back! ( with a solution to licensing, if that was an issue )