Halloween Jaunt - Work in Progress

This is a game I would like to share as it is still work in progress. I had expected to get this finished by Halloween however it did not work out but I will still plow forward. I saw a really neat one hour game build YouTube video which was done with Unity and targeted VR. I also develop for VR and rather than jump in and do a VR game to start I decided to do the first person version first. I call it “Halloween Jaunt”. All of the assets for this game were free and downloaded from Kenny, Quarternius, Blend Swap, and others. You can find a lot of links in this forum post

Link to game: Halloween Jaunt - Remix2 - PLAYCANVAS

Link to project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Some screen shots

Here are the controls currently available:

[W] - Move forward

[S] - Move backward

[A] - Strafe left

[D] - Strafe right

[H] - Toggle crosshairs on/off

[R] - Reload

[Space] - Jump

Left Mouse Button - Fire

Hoping to add a menu system and restart soon. The AI on the Zombies need a little work but currently they function good. There will be some player health and more ammo pickup items as well as sound added. Hope you like it and as soon as it is finished I will create the VR version.


I have added a health pickup system. Look for the first aid kits to recharge your health. No death or end of game as of yet. The Zombies now multiply a bit quicker and there is more of them. Their attack flashes on screen. Just a few more things before it is complete. Enjoy!

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Added a game UI for Starting and restarting new game. Credits and game controls included. Only a few more items to address before I will call it as complete as it can be. Stay tuned! Enjoy!

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Good job!

Nice to see you where be able to use my Basic enemy AI in your project! :partying_face:

I’m missing a crosshair, or did you do that to make it a bit more difficult to shoot right?

@Albertos Yep I did use the Basic enemy AI. Your work saved me a bunch of time and I greatly appreciate that. The only thing I really added was the basic state machine for the animations. I have been following your latest release. For the crosshair you can hit the [H] key in game and it will toggle it on or off. I am excited to get this finished and looking forward to moving it to VR. Thanks for your support.


I have added ammo pickups that are placed around the map. A hint is under lights and other places. The entire health and ammo system will get an update as to when they will spawn. I also have now incorporated @Albertos new enemy script. Highly recommended if you want to have enemies roaming around. I am missing a game ending and will work on that next. Also remember to have a look at the controls and credits on main screen. Enjoy!

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Ammo and Health are now respawning after a period of time. More zombies and a actual ending to the game if health goes down to 0. I have my first release of V1.0.0 and intend on making continuous improvements. Stay tuned. Enjoy! First VR build is very close to a preview.

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New and Improved AI.

Hi All that are following. @Albertos has improved his AI script and now you can find another example usage here:


To see his posting tune into: