GUMMY_Z (Thank you PlayCanvas)
It’s a mini game made using “PLAYCANVAS”!
Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move the character and knock down monsters and other players!


Hey @jejelee98, this is an enjoyable and unique game! Had fun trying it out just now! We’re looking at onboarding new multiplayer games on our all-new social gaming platform, Centarius. Would love to discuss a possibility of this for your game! Let me know if we can take this forward, and I can share more.

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This is so addictive! Wow, I love it! :crossed_swords:

Would you like to add it here:

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Of course!
It’s an honor!

Some minor feedback:

  • Consider optimizing this image: It’s a 1.5MB PNG. Any reason not to JPG compress?
  • The game seems to be loading MP3s but I don’t hear any music. Any MP3 assets (if they are needed/used) should probably have the ‘Preload’ setting disabled (in order to get players into the game as soon as possible).
  1. I just forgot to change it
  2. That’s something I didn’t think about! thank you for your feedback!
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