Guitar Hero 3 Clone - WIP

Hi all! This is a project that I have been working on for the past few days now. This game is a Guitar Hero 3 Clone! I have tried making a CH/GH clone a while back but I kinda did not like how it looked or felt. I tried my best recently to remake that or make another attempt at it and make it look like GH3.

Project Page: Guitar Hero 3 Clone

I am not very skilled at video game development and im really new to playcanvas. I don’t have much experience at all with any game engine for that matter or development in games at all. But im trying my best and learning new things along the way.

This has been really challenging but in a good way. I have had a lot of fun making this.

Here is a demo video of a bot playing the game (I’m not that good!):
Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm (GHC) Video

Some screen shots:

There are some still things that are missing and things that need to be fixed. It’s not perfect!
Missing Features:

  • Sustain Notes
  • Open Notes
  • Combo Counter
  • A working UI and menu!
  • A decent hit detection
  • Lyrics
  • Custom Charts
  • A background
  • Highway image


  • Some weird animation glitches
  • Animations are to fast (cannot be seen almost)
  • Animations need to be smoother (transitions?)
  • Hit detection is a little weird at times

These are just a few things missing and bugs. I believe there are more but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Well anyways thanks for reading this and/or watching the video!


This looks great! How are you handling the input delay with touch screens on a music based game?

Thanks! Also to answer your question. I don’t currently have support for mobile phones (I mean it runs just can’t play) or touch screens. So im not actually handling the input delay with touch screens. Though I do have an Idea, don’t know if this will be good or work correctly, but I was thinking of just shifting the hit window. So moving it back depending on how much delay there is.

For now there is only keyboard support. The keybinds are currently hardcoded and they are:
Shift = Green
Z = Red
X = Yellow
C = Blue
V = Orange
B = Toggle Bot
H = Activate Starpower
Up Arrow = Strum Up
Down Arrow = Strum Down

Thanks for the reply and I hope to keep adding on to this and make it more playable! I got much more work to do.


This is already really impressive - I’m excited to see this develop!! :guitar: